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Quantum Therapy



By David Marsh

`We now accept chemotherapy, soon we must accept physico therapy'. These were the words of Professor Martin Blank from Columbia University, New York, one of the most experienced scientists working with electromagnetic therapy in the West. He was addressing senior physicians and scientists from all over the world attending the first World Congress in Magnotherapy (3) at The Royal Society of Medicine in Wimpole Street, London, in May, 1996. Professor Blank works on the heady science of EM-field effects on cell membrane enzymes. Quantum Field Therapy is a new generation of physico-therapy. Quantum therapy / health units are designed for home use, by Aarre Salo, a scientist who has worked for many years with phenomenal success in the field of electromagnetic healing. Salo, a Finn, director of Quantum Science, PTY, in Western Australia, has been studying quantum field effects for over 20 years.

Those at the cutting-edge of science and medicine now have a wide understanding of electromagnetic therapy, using magnetic fields and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) in hospitals worldwide, some for two decades. Many people now use magno-therapy in their homes. In Japan for example, 1 household in 7 has such equipment: America is fast catching up, and even in Britain magnotherapy is now beginning to be accepted.
Magnetic and electromagnetic fields can be measured. PEMF therapy is now understood to work simply by improving blood circulation, oxygenation, cellular nutrition and excretion. It has brought relief to many people from problems which orthodox medicine has not been spectacularly successful with.

Quantum field therapy is less well known and less understood.

Although quantum fields are known to science (variously called Higgs or scalar fields, or in the East, as Qi), there is no scientific apparatus which can measure these fields. (It has variously been refered to as Life Force, or satirically by Nobel prize winner Leon Lederman in his book `The God Particle', as the `god Force', (ref 2).

A quantum field can be seen as an artificial life-force, produced by converting an electromagnetic field into a quantum field (this description may not satisfy the scientifically trained, but it helps describe to the non-scientific mind roughly what is happening).

Lederman explains how the universe is full of sub-particle fields, or quantum fields, and how science has been trying for years to seek out smaller and smaller particles. 2,400 years ago Democritus floated the theory of atoms, founding the Greek school of philosophy known as the Atomists. This spectacular bit of guesswork based on deduction of the smallest piece of indivisible matter in the universe has now of course been superseded. Physicists now say that all matter is built from six quarks - with quirky names - up, down, charm, strange, top (or truth) and bottom (or beauty) - and leptons with leptonic names - muon, muon neutrino, tau, tau-neutrino, electron and electro-neutrino: and the four known forces, with serious names gauge bosons, gravitons (the particle for gravity), gluons, and finally W and Z particles.

Scientists strongly suspect, or deduce, like Democritus with his atoms, that these known (or mostly known) present-day `atoms' (quarks and leptons) and four forces, are actually buzzing away within a huge undiscovered connective field. In fact, all that is now known would make no sense if there were not such a collective field enfolding them.

The snag is that this field has not yet been found!

In the days of classical Greece, whenever logic or reasoning ran into heavy ground, they often reverted to God, him or herself, and that historically led them into even deeper water. Today, the researchers at the forefront of physics, and the physics theoreticians who mostly go along with them, have resorted to `Higgs field'. This is the equivalent of Democritus's great deduction.

Peter Higgs has deducted a previously unknown particle, a messenger particle which carries information between the quarks and leptons. These Higgs particles (or bosons) it is proposed, make up an infinitely vast field which contains this universe (and probably others too), which connects up all the known (and unknown) tiniest particles from which all matter is made.

Lederman suggests there may be entire families of Higgs's particles - and their fields - out there / in here. This is a fair example of particle physics, where something both is and is not at the same time. There are physicists and mathematicians who believe that when the Higgs boson is found, it will explain phenomena such as ghosts and Unidentified Flying Objects.

Certain sub-particle or quantum fields can be produced artificially by systems not dissimilar to the principles by which particle colliders work, such as Cern, near Geneva (which discovered the W and Z particles), or Fermilab, in the States, where atoms are raced round large circuits 40 miles long, designed so that they smash into each other. At the moment of impact new sub-particles are released, and these can be measured and recorded.

Governments have poured billions of dollars into such machinery. Cern has just been revamped with a £210m refit: its power has been beefed up to previously unknown magnitudes (162 gigaelectronvolts), and it was expected to discover new particles. But when they switched it on nothing happened. When the two beer bottles which had been left inside (inadvertently or advertently) had been removed, it was hoped this Large Electron Positron (for such is its name) may discover the illusive Higg's boson (1).
However, the quantum fields we are concerned with are produced not by colliding atoms, but by forcing them to travelhow - or brush - against each other. Salo explains - `power is transformed from a specially modulated electromagnetic current from the quantum field units to a coil complex, from which the quantum field is released and radiated to the surroundings'. It is of note that a magnetic field cannot be measured as the quantum field overtakes the coil complex faster than an electromagnetic field is produced, so magnetic polarity is lost.

This means that by similar techniques, but on a minuscule scale, an electromagnetic field is converted to a quantum field. Salo suggests that this artificial life force is so similar to a natural life force found everywhere in nature (Higgs field, Qi, or god-force) - that living tissues cannot tell them apart and so can make use of them. Whilst this sounds quite indescribably whacky (remembering there are no scientific instruments yet with which to measure quantum fields), let's not allow complicated scientific jargon (which even scientists don't yet fully understand) to deter us from understanding the effects that quantum fields appear to have on the living tissue.

After all, we switch on the television set and it works; we turn the ignition key on our vehicle and it works: we switch on an electromagnetic therapy unit and it works; we don't have to understand how it works.

Horticulturalists experimenting with quantum ponics machines (which have the same engine as the quantum therapy units) are reporting stronger, faster-growing plants with greater resistance to disease. Research is currently being conducted with quantum ponics at Sydney University in Australia.

The quantum therapy unit is used to stimulate the healing abilities of the body; it appears able to control pain both by stimulating endorphin production and by decalcification and regeneration of cells; It improves blood flow by exciting nerve impulses in tissues. Its field affects the whole atom, including the nucleus. It stimulates regeneration of particular areas, or organs over which it is placed.

Further, it is claimed to be effective in controlling pain in cases of gastroenteritis, bowel pain caused by diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach and duodenal ulcers, even the pain from bowel and certain other forms of cancer. Pain has also been reported eased in cases of arthritis, stiff or calcified spinal or joint pain and with acute injury such as sports injuries.

Researchers in the area of physico-therapy often come across similarities with magnetic fields and the new quantum fields; one is that natural materials can be charged with such fields and hold their charge. For example, ceramics can be charged with a magnetic charge and used for healing purposes. Similarly, granite will hold a quantum field; Salo suggests that ancient inanimate objects such as the pyramids and Stonehenge are thus charged, explaining how they got `sacred' reputations. The same can be said of other ancient sites used by Celts, American Indians and Australian Aborigines.

Salo has used the above principles for the production of both magnetic oil and quantum oil, which are used with the quantum therapy unit to increase the efficacy of the treatment of pain and injury. A prolific inventor, he has produced many different therapy units including a sleep-enhancing machine (SLEM) which acts on various parts of the brain during sleep. He has other inventions(3) using quantum energy, such as lotions for the skin, the hair and for cellulite.

It is to be expected that many readers will find much of this to be beyond reason; they will be tempted to place it in compartments reserved for headier realms of science fiction; so let us conclude by returning to the humble and secret life of plants, and the real world of horticultural growers. With the former we are considering living organisms without speech or reason, but which show appreciation of artificial quantum fields in luxuriant growth and resistance to disease: with the latter we have down - to - earth men and women investing no mean amounts of hard-earned cash in quantum ponics machines for their greenhouses, including the King of Brunei who is about to invest $ millions in industrial quantum ponics equipment. Commercial growers in this country are investing £1000 - £2,000 into quantum ponics equipment, with many hundreds of people putting the odd £200 or £300 into home based equipment.

In the field of human health and healing we have ordinary people who have experimented with quantum therapy units who have experienced relief from unwanted pain, and some from horrendous injuries (case histories are available). At the very least we should be encouraged to research this area further.



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